Candy Sam

A true man's man and a lady's man, he's the all around golden outdoor picture of the perfect stud.

Lavender Night
A raven haired beauty with a heart of gold.

Gigolo Joe

With his slicked back hair, gold chains, and dynamite smile - he's too sexy (even for himself.)

Lil' Rose
A tiny sweet thing sporting a double D rack.

Ivanna Hump

A real straight shooter, she doesn't mince words. When she's not dressed as an uptight librarian she's a dominatrex at the local cave.

Mojo Mamma
A chunky girl with lots of love

Jasmine Star
A mysterious Asian beauty with long catlike nails - the better to scratch you with, my dear.

Rusty Diamond

Into her sixties, she's been around the block a few times

Sweet Mary
A Catholic school girl escapee.

Don't nobody mess with ShaNeekwa, 'nuff said. The girl's got attitude.