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OBJECT - You're the pimp and the object of the game is to get your whore around the board and make the most money. It's a hard business and lots of hazards can pop up
anywhere at any time. The Pimp whose whore has made the most money by the end of the game becomes The New Pimp Daddy!




Players can earn cold, hard cash by landing on TRICK SPACES, or lose cash by landing on PENALTY SPACES. Running out of money doesn't mean your whore is out of the game, the next roll of the dice could save his/her ass. However, when your whore can't pay the debt - she/he is out of the game. No one wants a bitch with debt. If a player is low on the dough they can opt for a TRUTH or DARE challenge instead of paying the penalty. Players can even own tricks, 'cause everyone's good at something! And any other whore who lands on your trick has to split the trick money with you. Players can RAT EACH OTHER OUT or play a SUGAR DADDY card and bail someone out. If two or more whores end up on the same space at the same time it is officially a CAT FIGHT and all players involved must roll the dice. The highest score wins and other whores on the space must pay the winner the amount shown on the dice times twenty. CAT FIGHTS are immediate - before drawing NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH cards or any other action - whenever, wherever - it's on Bitch! An unfortunate whore can even get SLAMMER TIME. A lucky whore can land on COOL YOUR JETS, the easiest ride in town, and cruise on over to the best trick currently on the board, take the trick money from the whore on the space, then cruise on back to COOL YOUR JETS! And that's just a taste of the game!

With so many ways to win or lose, PIMP CITY is packed with fast action and tons of laughs! So buy yours now and start PIMPIN' today!

EQUIPMENT - The equipment consists of a board, 2 dice, 10 token whores, 70 Neighborhood Watch Cards, play money and Big Pimp Daddy's golden payroll tray.

*Accommodates up to 10 players!