Special interviews with Sam Phillips of the Single Life, and Ginger Lynn and Christy Canyon of Night Calls Radio on air were tons of fun and lots of laughs.

The crème de le crème of the crème de le sex arrived in a large box, shipped first-class late last semester. Inside, buried amid the packing peanuts, was the most unexpected donation to the DT editor entertainment fund: Pimp City. Picture if you will, a Monopoly-style board game, featuring treacherous financial pitfalls ("Get an STD: Lose $250") and smutty characters, including Sweet Mary, the "Catholic school girl escapee." Pimp City, designed to be a drinking game, of course, was just about the raunchiest thing to ever come my way and undeservedly missed its glowing review in our pages. How can a game go wrong when finding true love costs you $1,000 and selling your "little black book" to the press earns it back? Priceless. (Actually, more than $30 at pimpcitythegame.com.)


If Park Place and Boardwalk sound like dull spaces from an old, played out board game, Pimp City is for you. It's a glorified version of Monopoly, revamped with plenty of pimps, hoes and catfights, boasting to be "the legal game that's good for your bad-ass soul."

Like the sometimes stressful, sibling rivalry-inducing Monopoly, the object of the game is to get your "pimp" around the board. Each player tries to make the most money and not lose it by landing on the penalty squares.

The brightly colored board is made up of two routes. One is a gray and dismal passage called alleys and arrows. It consists of many cleverly labeled penalty spaces, such as "caught with your pants down" and "caught an STD." Landing on any of the spaces in this zone will cost you anywhere from $225 to $500 in play money.

The outer path gives you friendlier options than the alley. "Neighborhood Watch" cards are like Monopoly's "Community Chest" and "Chance," but with messages such as "Doggie style - earn $200" and "Born-again virgin - lose $20,000." Landing on the "turning tricks" space earns you cash or the option buy the property.

"Truth or dare" is also on the board as an alternative to forking out more penalty money. "Truth or dare" can spare you from going bankrupt, but it can also put the game into a stalemate where no one gets closer to winning or losing.

"Having 'truth or dare' in the game sucks when you are playing with friends you know well," San Diego State alumna Christina Thornell said. "There isn't any dirt that I don't already know about my friends. I think the game would be more fun if it were played with drunk strangers so everyone is uninhibited."

Aside from "truth or dare," Pimp City has all the Monopoly norms, such as buying houses, jail and winning free parking - there are just fun, pimped-out names to describe them. Reading the game's instructions is just as fun as playing. Literary gems are found written in the rules.

When referring to bankruptcy and the role of the banker ("Big Pimp Daddy"), it says: "If a whore runs out of money, well tough luck bitch. Pimp Daddy's cold. Ain't no such thang as a handout."

Players can chuckle again when it explains what happens when you pass "Start walkin' bitch" (Go). You must yell, "Pay up biotch! Where's my money?" or forfeit the funds.

The description of the 10 characters is just as hilarious.

Ivanna Hump is a "real straight shooter. When she's not dressed as an uptight librarian, she's a dominatrix at the local cave." Rusty Diamond "(is) into her 60s, she's been around the block a few times." Gigolo Joe has slicked back hair and gold chains. Paired with his "dynamite smile, he's too sexy even for himself."

Pimp City is not for people who would rather be curled up with Connect Four or Candy Land. The player must have a sense of humor for pimp daddy or ho jokes and creativity for truth or dare ideas. Pimp City offers the chance to be promiscuous without slipping into fishnets and trekking down to a seedy corner.

"Overall, I really liked the game," Scripps College student Jessica Christian said. "It's always fun to play a new board game, especially one as hilarious and risqu? as Pimp City."